Sustainability in Tourism

Module description

This module is designed to enable business managers, service providers and decision makers to understand the concept of sustainability in tourism and to engage community stakeholders in collaborative actives to analyse their own sustainability and to commonly develop strategies and projects for improving their performance in different aspects of sustainable tourism. Case Studies, articles as well as theoretical knowledge is used to discuss the different forms of sustainable tourism, outline sustainable development in tourism, emphasis on the importance of community participation and provide ideas for sustainable mobility innovations at the destination.


Case study 1: Interview on Sustainable Tourism

The first case study will discuss differences between Ecotourism and Sustainability in Tourism and the basics of Sustainable Tourism.


Case study 2: Sustainable Tourism Development in Montenegro

The second case study describes the positive example of Montenegro and puts a focus on training and capacity building on the one hand and regionality on the other hand as key assets for sustainability in tourism.


Case study 3: The Akha Experience – Participation in Tourism Development in Laos

The third and last case study will discuss the processes of participation of local communities and sustainable tourism development in a very rural area.


Case study 4: Werfenweng – a paradise of soft mobility

The forth and last case study will discuss the diversity of measures a small Austrian mountain community implements to make the tourism related mobility more sustainable.



Take this short quiz to check what you learnt from the case studies. If you have doubts you can discuss with your trainer during the next meeting.


Reflective assignments

The reflective assignments are meant to be a set of open questions you can reflect upon during the online part of the module. The goal is to related what you have learnt in the module ‘case studies with your professional practice. When you will next meet with your trainer and colleague you will have the opportunity to discuss this questions all together. You can also start discussing about them in the sharing platform, with your national and international colleagues!

Case study 1: Based on the arguments given in the interview and the further given information
  1. Reflect about the differences between the different tourism types
  2. Develop strategies to increase the environmental performance of your destination, company, tourism product
  3. Prepare a role playing game/confrontational discussion between a hotel owner and a trade union leader concerning the working conditions in tourism
Case study 2: Based on the arguments given in the interview and the further given information
Case study 3: Based on the arguments given in the interview and the further given information
Case study 4: Based on the arguments given in the interview and the further given information


Sharing Platform

The sharing platform is meant to be an experience sharing virtual place, where to discuss the the design and development of the touristic products, which are the output of this training course.
Your trainer will post a summary of the discussion you have in class at the end of each module about how the module supported you in the designing and development of the innovative touristic products. Furthermore, you can join your national colleague and keep in touch with them, during the online part of the module, and you can catch up with what is happening in the other countries involved in the project!


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