Module description

This module provides an introduction to Marketing, from basic principles and terminology to case studies and newspaper articles. Today, marketing terms are widely used by everyday people without much notice. Taking into account the generality of the topics related to marketing – communication, innovation, selling, branding, distribution, public relations, advertising, promotion, market research, and so on – this module will highlight the main concepts considered to be important.


Case study 1: Marketing Communications

Effective communication is something that does not automatically happen. It needs to be carefully planned. Marketing communications is a complex subject, if only because of the large number of variables, the nature of customer and stakeholder behaviour and the dynamic nature of markets, organizations and information processing.


Case study 2: Marketing and Branding

Branding is considered as an art and the cornerstone of marketing. Branding strategy is very important in product strategy. Many successful companies have built a huge brand loyal market. However developing brand requires quite a great deal of long term investment. One of most distinctive skills of marketers is their ability to create, maintain and protect brands.


Case study 3: Tools for marketing and communications

Nowadays there are different tools for marketing and communications, revealing new ways to advertise and spread the word about each business and market place. Being able to advertise the business call on different channels to maximize customers is important for organizations based in rural areas. This case study describes how a specific hotel promote is business, using different types of tools and spread the word among people to advertised is place.



Take this short quiz to check what you learnt from the case studies. If you have doubts you can discuss with your trainer during the next meeting.


Reflective assignments

The reflective assignments are meant to be a set of open questions you can reflect upon during the online part of the module. The goal is to related what you have learnt in the module ‘case studies with your professional practice. When you will next meet with your trainer and colleague you will have the opportunity to discuss this questions all together. You can also start discussing about them in the sharing platform, with your national and international colleagues!

Explain the process of carrying out a marketing communications plan and discuss the importance of developing this plan for your business. Why? What should my plan have?
Based on the above case study, explain what brand strategies you should adopt in marketing your products/business.
Based on the case study, explain which PR plan you should create for your business, implementing a direct marketing, online or offline promotion.


Sharing Platform

The sharing platform is meant to be an experience sharing virtual place, where to discuss the the design and development of the touristic products, which are the output of this training course.
Your trainer will post a summary of the discussion you have in class at the end of each module about how the module supported you in the designing and development of the innovative touristic products. Furthermore, you can join your national colleague and keep in touch with them, during the online part of the module, and you can catch up with what is happening in the other countries involved in the project!


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