Information and Communication Technologies (ICT)

Module description

This module provides an introduction to the Information and Communication Technologies (ICT), from basic principles and terminology to case studies and newspaper articles. The ICT module sheds light on ICT concepts that small business managers should know. It will provide a set of pre-defined web technologies to enhance business management, enabling the participants to use the internet as a tool for communication and marketing, accessing websites and optimizing the use of search engines.


Case study 1: ePresence: the website

The first case study of this module will highlight the ePresence content in a chat with Robert consultant, talking about websites and online concepts.


Case study 2: ePromotion: Social Media Marketing

The second case study will do the follow up of the contents, pushing the participants to engage with ICT, this time talking about ePromotion with social media marketing, the case study will reveal a case of a successful strategy from an airline company – AirYes.


Case study 3: eCommerce: a B&B in Ireland

The third and last case study will finish the module contents with the practice tools for eCommerce strategy highlighting a practical case study of a B&B back in Ireland, where they customized a new integrated e-commerce solution into their business.



Take this short quiz to check what you learnt from the case studies. If you have doubts you can discuss with your trainer during the next meeting.


Reflective assignments

The reflective assignments are meant to be a set of open questions you can reflect upon during the online part of the module. The goal is to relate what you have learnt in the module case studies with your professional practice. When you next meet with your trainer and colleagues, you will have the opportunity to discuss these questions all together. You can also start discussions about them in the sharing platform with your national and international colleagues

Case Study 1
Case Study 2
Case Study 3

Sharing Platform

The sharing platform is meant to be an experience sharing virtual place, where to discuss the the design and development of the touristic products, which are the output of this training course.
Your trainer will post a summary of the discussion you have in class at the end of each module about how the module supported you in the designing and development of the innovative touristic products. Furthermore, you can join your national colleague and keep in touch with them, during the online part of the module, and you can catch up with what is happening in the other countries involved in the project!


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