Module description

This module provides an introduction to Management, from basic principles and terminology to case studies and newspaper articles. The module was developed following the pedagogical model and contains the following sections: (i) learning objectives: based on Bloom’s taxonomy; (ii) pre-requisites; (iii) main content; (iv) evaluation process. The highlights of this module will provide tourism business managers with the necessary competencies to understand management concepts and be able to implement them in their rural businesses. The topics are easily understood and were chosen accordingly.


Case study 1: Day-to-Day Management

The first case study of the module, highlight the day-to-day management with a practical example of human resources management in Adventureland – representing a good and healthy relationship with their staff members.


Case study 2: Customers relationship management

The second case study will do the follow up of the human resources with the customer relationship management interview. Here, the delivery of a premium customer service to a family in winter holidays and a premium staff service.


Case study 3: Budgeting Management

The third and last case study will wrap up the module contents with the management budgeting concepts. Here the key points are the concern about the small business accountant management and the planning and control management of a business budget.



Take this short quiz to check what you learnt from the case studies. If you have doubts you can discuss with your trainer during the next meeting.


Reflective assignments

The reflective assignments are meant to be a set of open questions you can reflect upon during the online part of the module. The goal is to relate what you have learnt in the module case studies with your professional practice. When you next meet with your trainer and colleagues, you will have the opportunity to discuss these questions all together. You can also start discussions about them in the sharing platform with your national and international colleagues!

Which human resources management techniques would you use to keep your employees satisfied with their job position? – be creative!
Based on the AlpHotel case study, what kinds of customer experience improvements would you develop/create for your tourism business?
Based on the case study, evaluate and reflect the role of budgeting in the development of a marketing plan for your company.

Sharing Platform

The sharing platform is meant to be an experience sharing virtual place, where to discuss the the design and development of the touristic products, which are the output of this training course.
Your trainer will post a summary of the discussion you have in class at the end of each module about how the module supported you in the designing and development of the innovative touristic products. Furthermore, you can join your national colleague and keep in touch with them, during the online part of the module, and you can catch up with what is happening in the other countries involved in the project!


Satisfaction Survey

Now you have completed the module! Congratulations! Help us to improve the learning experience for next modules and future users.